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Turf Grasses in North Texas

Lawns in the North Texas area are a combination of a variety of turf grasses.  These primarily include Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia and Fescue.  Each of these grasses requires specific types of watering at different times of the year. Bermuda:  This is the most common type of grass in the area and requires 1 to […]

Irrigation Repair Is Easy to do

If you are looking for someone that can complete your irrigation repair without any problems, it can be done. Having irrigation repair can often result in spending more money than necessary. It is important that you find someone that can give you an estimate upfront for your repair. This way you are assured a cost […]

Protect Your Foundation

Protect your foundation

If you are a Dallas property owner, you may have noticed cracks in the soil around your home, and if so it is important that you take action immediately. The hot, dry summers that Texas is known for can have a dramatic effect on our highly expansive soil, and though lawn-watering systems may provide some […]

Do we still need water restrictions?

The north Texas area is actually being faced with a question that is shocking considering what our lake levels were at this time last year.  “Should we continue with water restrictions?” With the amount of rainfall received since the beginning of the year our lakes are well over capacity.  The month of May was the […]

The drought in North Texas is over!

May 2015 will go down as the wettest month in history in North Texas!  Double Eagle has been focusing on drainage solutions as much as irrigation this year.  The incredible amount of rain has nearly brought the end of a historic four-year drought.  Many reservoirs are now at or over capacity. Underground aquifers are slowly […]

A Professional Can Repair Your Valve

Sprinklers are used for residential and commercial lawns, residential and commercial gardens, golf courses, farms, athletic fields and more. Sprinkler valves are a popular choice because they can are designed for home use and can be remotely operated. If your sprinkler system is installed correctly, it should last a long time. To avoid repairs you’ll […]

Get Affordable Sprinkler Installation

A well landscaped home is the sign of a well taken care of home. If you have invested the money to landscape your home you must invest in a reliable sprinkler system. Hand watering alone will not get you a beautiful yard. Sprinkler installation is your only solution. Today you can have a sprinkler installation […]

Owning a Lawn Sprinkler System

The lawn sprinkler system is by far the most efficient way to water your grass. Because of the increasing price of water, you will need a lawn sprinkler system that can water your lawn efficiently. With a lawn sprinkler, you can save time and energy because you won’t need to water the lawn by hand. […]

Irrigation Lawn Systems Installed and Repaired

Finding the right brand of irrigation lawn sprinklers is as easy as searching the Internet for quality installers. A company that can install the basic irrigation lawn system also serves the local area with repair services for any purpose. The irrigation lawn sprinkler system offers a simple method to water lawns efficiently, regardless of an […]

Avoid Costly Sprinkler Repair Problems

Purchasing and installing a sprinkler system is a wonderful home improvement investment. Following a few simple tips for using and maintaining your system will help you avoid unnecessary sprinkler repair bills. Your very best defense against costly, major repairs is to watch carefully for possible damage to your system. Check for any leakage when you […]