Irrigation Lawn Systems Installed and Repaired

Finding the right brand of irrigation lawn sprinklers is as easy as searching the Internet for quality installers. A company that can install the basic irrigation lawn system also serves the local area with repair services for any purpose.

The irrigation lawn sprinkler system offers a simple method to water lawns efficiently, regardless of an area’s annual precipitation or water availability. The irrigation lawn system is installed several inches under the topsoil in a grid, which is connected together using PVC piping.

With each irrigation lawn sprinkler system installation, the grid is connected to a central control box where the watering times can be set. Once set, the irrigation lawn system works by water pushing its way through the grid of pipes to force the sprinkler heads up.

This is not necessarily the same system used for all irrigation lawn systems, but is the general method used. Irrigation lawn systems water the topsoil for a set period of time and can include installation of sensors that do not turn on if there is rain or water already present.

Irrigation lawn systems are a great asset to homeowners who wish to have lush, green lawns. Not only does thequality irrigation lawn system work well for those who are not at home to manually water, it also is good for those who have a large area to cover that would prove inconvenient with manual sprinklers.

Double Eagle Sprinkler installs and services irrigation lawn systems in and around the Garland area. By offering the highest quality irrigation lawn sprinkler systems and servicing them when repairs are required, Double Eagle Sprinkler is a full service irrigation lawn system service. For more information about irrigation lawn systems and Double Eagle Sprinkler’s servicemen, discounts and repair services, visit