June 16 2015 0comment

Do we still need water restrictions?

The north Texas area is actually being faced with a question that is shocking considering what our lake levels were at this time last year.  “Should we continue with water restrictions?”

With the amount of rainfall received since the beginning of the year our lakes are well over capacity.  The month of May was the wettest May since records have been kept.  If anything we need to drain our lakes to the point of being usable again.

What does all of this mean in terms of water restrictions?  The majority of north Texans know from history that an excess of water in our lakes is always short lived.  By late summer the demand for water is always at its highest.  The amount of usable water in our lakes is projected to not be sufficient over the next twenty years to due to our boom in population.  Cities like McKinney and Frisco have exploded in growth over the past 10 years.

Conserving the water we do have while we can will ensure our water supplies are adequate to support our growing population and economy.