Underground Sprinkler Systems

One of the most important elements to a beautiful lawn or garden is watering regularly. Watering can is done either by hand, with a hose and spray nozzle; or with an Underground Sprinkler System. Both systems work; but the Underground Sprinkler is generally more efficient and a in the long run less costly to do. Watering by hand is generally a long and tedious process.

Let’s look at the Underground Sprinkler System to learn why it’s effective. Today there are two Underground Sprinkler Systems to choose from. Both systems are set up in the same way but they deliver the needed water by different methods. Both Underground Sprinkler Systems are set up with an underground hose placed around the yard or garden. The hose is attached to a pump that is attached to a timer that releases a preset amount of water at a preset time for a preset amount of minutes. The result is a uniform watering system, done exactly the same on every watering day.

The first of these two Underground Garden Sprinkler systems is the drip system. This system works by releasing a slow drip of water to the roots of the lawn. This Underground Sprinkler System moistens the ground and the roots of the plants and lawn. Again it is set to a time and starts at preset time and runs for a set duration of time and then shuts off automatically.

The second Underground Sprinkler system is the Spray system. This system used underground spray heads that pop up from the water pressure when the water reaches them. They then spray the area around them. This system is also set with a timer and starts at a preset time and runs for a preset number of minutes until it turns off.

Both Underground Sprinkler systems are very effective and require no personal intervention after they have been set. Both systems offer the advantage of offering an efficient watering of a large area, both use less water than watering by hand, and both systems require no personal intervention. Most importantly, both systems guarantee you a well-watered lawn or garden.

Underground Sprinkler systems can save you time, water, and money. When you need a new Underground Sprinkler system, or if you need your Sprinkler system repaired, please contact us at Double Eagle Sprinkler at www.doubleeaglesprinkler.com. We’d welcome the opportunity to help.