The Evolution of the Lawn Sprinkler

The Lawn Sprinkler has been with us for many years. It has evolved from a simple device that spread water in a small circular area, to the Lawn Sprinkler we see attached to underground watering systems today. The evolution has been remarkable, and it has taken place for one simple reason – to keep our lawns beautiful and green.

The early Lawn Sprinkler System was a simple inefficient device used for spraying water. In general, it worked best when watering small areas. To water a large area, the Lawn Sprinkler needed to be moved repeatedly. The early Lawn Sprinklers also used large amounts of water, and they worked very inefficiently when watering a large lawn. The early Lawn Sprinkler also required a lot of time to complete the watering job, especially when watering a big area. In spite of these inefficiencies and problems the early Lawn Sprinklers helped to keep lawns green, and they evolved into the Lawn Sprinkler of today.

Today’s Lawn Sprinkler works well on large lawns and requires very little personal intervention. Today the most popular Lawn Sprinkler is the one attached to an underground maze of hose place around the lawn. This Lawn Sprinkler system works automatically and dispenses a uniform amount of water for a set period of time. It offers uniform coverage as well as an efficient use of water. Only a preset amount of water will be sprayed on the lawn.

How modern Lawn Sprinkler Systems work is really quite simple. First a hose is placed a few inches below the surface of the ground around the lawn and at different places watering heads are attached. Once in place, the hose is attached to a water pump at the water source, and the pump is finally attached to a timer. Watering starts when the timer hits a preset hour and the water is automatically turned on. The water then flows through the hose at a preset rate. When the water hits the sprinkler heads, the water pressure causes the sprinkler head to pop up and begin its watering operation. After a preset amount of time, the timer turns the pump off, the water stops flowing, and the Lawn Sprinkler heads fall back into the ground. Thus, the watering process ends until the next preset time or day.

As you can see, today’s Lawn Sprinkler can save time, water, and money. When you need a new Lawn Sprinkler or need your Lawn Sprinkler repaired, please contact us at Double Eagle Lawn Sprinkler at We’d welcome the opportunity to help.