The Efficiency of Today’s Garden Sprinkler

Do you enjoy the beauty of a vibrant garden? One of the keys to a beautiful garden is regular watering. The early Garden Sprinkler was a basic device used to water, and was simply attached to the end of a long hose. It required human intervention to properly place the sprinkler and then insure that the right amount of water was sprinkled on the garden. The entire watering process was often long and usually not very efficient.

Today we have two Garden Sprinkler systems that efficiently and effectively water the garden. Both systems incorporate an underground hose, attached to sprinklers heads placed around the garden. The sprinkler heads are activated by water pressure when the water pump starts begins to send water through the hose. When the water pressure hits the sprinkler head the sprinkling begins.

The first of these Garden Sprinkler systems is the drip underground system. The drip system releases water that irrigates the stem and the roots of the plant and keeps the ground moist. The drip Garden Sprinkler is set to a timer, and when a preset time is reached, the pump automatically starts and water is released through the system.

The second Garden Sprinkler system, the spray system, uses underground spray heads that are activated and pop up when water pressure hits the head. This is another effective watering system and emits a controlled mist to a heavy spray as you desire. Like the drip system, the spray Garden Sprinkler also works on a timer. It starts and stops automatically, and does not require much personal attention once it’s set.

Garden Sprinkler systems work well when you have a large garden that you want to water regularly. Both Garden Sprinkler systems offer efficient and cost effective watering, because they water for a preset amount of time using a preset amount of water that you chose. This watering process is repeated for as many days as you wish. In the end, both time and money are saved, and the result is a cost effective beautiful garden.

Modern Garden Sprinkler systems can save you time, water, and money. When you need a new Garden Sprinkler system or need your Garden Sprinkler system repaired, please contact us at Double Eagle Garden Sprinkler at We’d welcome the opportunity to help.