Sprinkler Repair & Installation

The secret of a beautiful lawn or garden is regular watering with a sprinkler. Watering was originally done with a hose and nozzle attached to a supply of water. The process was done by hand and the nozzle helped to spray water over a larger area than could be accomplished by using only the end of the hose.

The Sprinkler system was invented to help with this labor-intensive chore. The early Sprinkler was a basic device that was attached to the end of a hose. The Sprinkler was then placed on the lawn or in the garden and the water was turned on. When the water hit the Sprinkler it sprayed out and covered an area as large as the water pressure would allow. When it was felt that the area had received enough water, the water was turned off and the Sprinkler was moved to another area where the process began again. As you can see, although this system was more efficient than watering by hand, it was still labor intensive and took a lot of time. The original Lawn Sprinkler also used a lot of water and spray inconsistently each time it was moved. As a result, a more effective Sprinkler was needed, especially when watering large lawns or gardens.

Today two of the most efficient forms of Sprinkler are the underground drip Sprinkler and the underground spray Sprinkler. Both Sprinklers use multiple heads attached to a maze of hose that is placed underground in the lawn or garden. Both system employ a timer that is attached to a water pump to automatically turn the water on or off without human intervention of any kind. The operation of both Sprinklers is really quite simple. When the system is activated at a preset time, it releases water to the Sprinkler heads and the water is released as either a drip to the roots and stems or as a spray covering a larger area. A preset amount of time is set for the watering and when the preset amount of time for watering has been reached the timer turns the Sprinkler off. This process is repeated on preset days each week.

As you can see, the Sprinkler can save you time, water, and money. When you need a new Sprinkler or Sprinkler system, or if you need your Sprinkler repaired please contact us at Double Eagle Sprinkler at www.doubleeaglesprinkler.com. We’d welcome the opportunity to help.