Lawn Sprinkler System

Do you enjoy the beauty of a green lawn? One of the keys to a beautiful lawn is regular watering. When done by hand, watering is a chore; however it can be done easily by using a Lawn Sprinkler System. When the Lawn Sprinkler System was first developed it was a basic device attached to the end of a hose. You simply attached the lawn sprinkler to the hose and placed it where you wanted to spray water. You then came back when you thought the area had been watered long enough and moved the Lawn Sprinkler to another area. This process was often long and tedious. Not to mention that it required you to be available each time the Lawn Sprinkler was to be moved. Many of the original Lawn Sprinkler Systems are still available today and when used for an area with very limited space they still work well.

After the original Lawn Sprinkler System was introduced, it became clear that a Lawn Sprinkler System was needed that would work on its own; and was able to cover a larger area or able to water all of your property. What resulted was the Lawn Sprinkler Systems we know today. There are two primary types of Lawn Sprinkler Systems available today. The first is a drip system that releases water underground and keeps the ground moist. This Lawn Sprinkler System is set to a timer that activates the water supply at a pre set time. The Lawn Sprinkler System then runs for a pre set amount of minutes and shuts off. Your other option is a Lawn Sprinkler System that uses underground spray heads that are activated and pop up when water pressure hits the head. This type of Lawn Sprinkler System works very effectively and can offer a controlled mist to a heavy spray as you desire. This Lawn Sprinkler System also generally works on a timer, it starts and stops automatically and does not require much personal attention once it’s set.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems work well if you have a large area to water regularly; and Lawn Sprinkler Systems save water. They do this by efficiently delivering water for a preset amount of time using the amount of water spray you choose. It repeats this process on the days you prescribe for as long as you want each time.

As you can see Lawn Sprinkler Systems can save you time, water, and money. When you need a new Lawn Sprinkler System or if you need your Lawn Sprinkler System repaired please contact us at Double Eagle Lawn Sprinkler at We’d welcome the opportunity to help.