Automatic Lawn Sprinkler

Any expert gardener will tell you, watering is the most important aspect of getting a beautiful lawn. Not lucky enough to live in a climate where rain is a daily occurrence? Then the lawn sprinkler is the best bet for a lush, green lawn.

The lawn sprinkler is a fairly standard piece of equipment. Its main function, obviously, is to spray water onto foliage. If a homeowner is wise enough to have an automatic lawn sprinkler installed, then watering is as easy as setting the controller and walking away.

There are different lawn sprinkler heads used in residential and commercial applications. For irrigation, rotating sprinklers are used to cover set zones of land. Impact sprinklers rotate and water is dispersed with continuous impact to parts in the sprinkler head. Spray sprinkler heads spray water in a mist over an area of the lawn.

The majority of lawn sprinkler heads used in sprinkler systems are powered by water pressure. Whenever the water valve opens to allow water to flow at a specified time, it forces the sprinkler heads up to begin spraying over zones on the lawn.

The lawn sprinkler system is a more efficient use of water for watering the lawn at specified times. Because the lawn sprinkler system is set at a central controller, the likelihood of water waste is significantly diminished.

Servicing a lawn sprinkler system is necessary, so finding a company that services and installs lawn sprinkler systems is important. With services ranging from installation to repairs, companies can guarantee the products and services provided.

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